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Crochet Jellyfish - Free Pattern

Hi friends! It's Vanessa from Savagely Stitching, here to announce my very first FREE crochet pattern! Not only is this pattern beginner friendly, but it works up super quick as well!

I would love to see the jellyfish you create with my pattern so if you decide to share pictures or videos, please tag me on Instagram and/or TikTok as well @savagelystitching

You are more than welcome to sell your finished jellyfish. All I ask is that you credit me, Savagely Stitching, as the pattern designer. Please do not use my listing photos in your own product listings, distribute this pattern in part or in full, or sell the pattern itself.

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If you have any questions regarding this pattern, feel free to email me at!

Now, with that being said, let's get onto crocheting this cute jellyfish!


BL - back loop
FL - front loop
FO - fasten off
MR - Magic Ring
ch - chain
dec - invisible decrease
inc - increase
rep - repeat
sc - single crochet
hdc - half-double crochet
dc - double crochet
sl st - slip stitch


Yarns - Parfait Chunky Yarn in the colors seaglass, ballet pink, and bubblegum (for the body and tendrils)
Hooks - 6mm crochet hook
Other - Poly-Fil, (10mm) Safety Eyes, Sewing Needle, Scissors, Stitch Marker
OPTIONAL: Thick pink yarn (for the blush)


Repeat the pattern between the asterisks **
This pattern is worked in the round, DO NOT join at the end of each round.
Stitch count is in []

Top of the Body

- Use your 6mm crochet hook
- Start the top of the body with the seaglass-colored yarn
(1) 6sc into MR [6]
(2) *Inc* x 6 [12]
(3) *Sc, inc* x 6 [18]
(4) *2sc, inc* x 6 [24]
(5) Sc in each stitch around [24]
(6) Sc in each stitch around [24]
- Place your 10mm safety eyes between rounds 6 & 7 of the top of the jellyfish body, approximately 4 stitches apart.
(7) Sc in each stitch around [24]
(8) Sc in each stitch around [24]
(9) Sc in each stitch around [24]
- Work round 10 in the FRONT LOOPS ONLY to give the jellyfish body a wavy ridge.
(10) *(Hdc, dc, hdc) in one stitch, sl st in the next stitch* x 12 [48]
- Stuff the top portion of your jellyfish body to the brim with poly-fil.
- Sl st into the next stitch and fasten off

Bottom of the Body

- Use your 6mm crochet hook
- Start the bottom of the body with the seaglass-colored yarn
(1) 6sc into MR [6]
(2) *Inc* x 6 [12]
(3) *Sc, inc* x 6 [18]
(4) *2sc, inc* x 6 [24]
- Sl st into the next stitch and fasten off


- Make 6 of these
- Use your 6mm crochet hook
- Use the seaglass, ballet pink, and bubblegum colored yarns to make 2 tendrils in each color
(1) Ch 21
(2) Starting in the second chain from your hook, *inc* x 20 [40]
- Ch 1 and fasten off
- Don't be alarmed if your tendril begins to curl up on you, this is the effect you want!
- If your tendril doesn't begin to curl up, try twisting it a little to achieve this effect.


Take each of your 6 tendrils and sew them onto the right side (the side that will be facing outward) of the bottom piece of the body in spiral, alternating colors as you go.
Take the bottom piece of the body, that you've sewn the tendrils onto, and sew it onto the top part of the body, using the back loops for both pieces.
OPTIONAL: Take a piece of thick pink yarn and sew on some blush under each safety eye.

You've completed this pattern! If you enjoyed this pattern, please consider leaving a comment here on this post!

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Thanks for his pattern I’m a 12 year old that loves to crochet and has been looking for a free jellyfish written pattern for so long because the videos annoy because there so slow.

Thank you so much💖

Camila guzman

Made these and my grandchildren loved them. Thank you for the pattern.

Marianne Page

I love this pattern soooo much, it is awesome


Thank you for the pattern. It was easy to follow. Adorable jellyfish!!

A Burden

its so cute i loved making it


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