Crochet Heart - Free Pattern

Crochet Heart - Free Pattern

Valentine's Day is less than two weeks away so, what a more perfect time to crochet a heart plushy than now?! This adorable little heart works great as a gift to a loved one or friend! It even makes for a cute decor piece in your home!

This pattern is suitable for intermediate beginner crocheters and works up super quick! One of the best things about this pattern is that it requires little to no sewing! 

I would love to see the heart you create with my pattern so if you decide to share pictures or videos, please tag me on Instagram and/or TikTok as well @savagelystitching

You are more than welcome to sell your finished heart. All I ask is that you credit me, Savagely Stitching, as the pattern designer. Please do not use my listing photos in your own product listings, distribute this pattern in part or in full, or sell the pattern itself.

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Now, with that being said, let's get onto crocheting this lovely heart!


BL - back loop
FL - front loop
FO - fasten off
MR - Magic Ring
ch - chain
dec - invisible decrease
inc - increase
rep - repeat
sc - single crochet
sl st - slip stitch


Yarns - Parfait Chunky Yarn in the color cardinal
Hooks - 6mm crochet hook
Other - Poly-Fil, (12mm) Safety Eyes, Sewing Needle, Scissors, Stitch Marker
OPTIONAL: Thin black thread and thick pink yarn (for the smile and blush)


Repeat the pattern between the asterisks **
This pattern is worked in the round, DO NOT join at the end of each round.
Stitch count is in []


- Use your 6mm crochet hook
- We will start by making the top two rounded corners of the heart and working our way down to the pointed corner at the bottom of the heart.
(1) 6sc into MR [6]
(2) *Inc* x 6 [12]
(3) *Sc, inc* x 6 [18]
(4) Sc in each stitch around [18]
(5) Sc in each stitch around [18]
- Sl st into the next stitch and fasten off
- Repeat rounds 1-5 again, but DO NOT fasten off. Make sure to keep your work on your hook. Once you've finished these rounds, continue to round 6 to connect the two pieces.
(6) Place a SC into any stitch on the first piece you made and continue to place a SC in each stitch around [36]
- After connecting the two rounded pieces, you will notice that there's a small gap. You can simply fix this by taking a piece of your red yarn and weaving it through the gap. Make sure your yarn is securely fastened by tying a knot and that the knot is hidden on the inside of the heart.
(7) Sc in each stitch around [36]
(8) *4sc, dec* x 6 [30]
Place your 12mm safety eyes between rounds 8 & 9, approximately 5 stitches apart. Please reference the photo provided.
- Begin stuffing your heart.
(9) Sc in each stitch around [30]
(10) *3sc, dec* x 6 [24]
(11) Sc in each stitch around [24]
(12) *2sc, dec* x 6 [18]
(13) Sc in each stitch around [18]
(14) *Sc, dec* x 6 [12]
(15) Sc in each stitch around [12]
- Make sure your heart is stuffed to your liking before continuing.
(16) *Dec* x 6 [6]
- Fasten off: ss into the next stitch and leave a long tail of yarn for sewing. Close the piece by going through the front loops of each of the 6 stitches with the tail of the yarn. Pull tightly until the hole closes and hide the remainder of the tail inside of your piece.


Take a thin piece of black thread and sew on a smile between the safety eyes. Take a piece of thick pink yarn and sew on some blush under each safety eye.

You've completed this pattern! If you enjoyed this pattern, please consider leaving a comment here on this post!

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