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Savagely Stitching

Crochet Daisy Hat Bun Bun

Crochet Daisy Hat Bun Bun

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Who knew a bunny could look so cute in a flower hat and overalls?! This bunny was made with blanket yarn which means it's super soft and cuddly! Not only does it have the cutest little pink nose, but it also has the most adorable fluffy tail! If you take a close look at its hat and overalls, you should see them sparkle!

*The hat is NOT removable*

Note: I cannot guarantee that this item will return to my shop. If you'd like to purchase one of these and they are sold out, contact me by email at, "" or message me on Instagram (@savagelystitching)!

Size: Approximately 12 inches tall by 7 inches wide

Pattern: Savagely_Stitching on Ribblr and SavagelyStitchShop on Etsy

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